This is first edition copy of Thoreau's "The Service," his first written work which was not published until 1902, after his death. This is number 400 of 500 copies printed on "hand-made French paper." Inside is the bookplate of E. N. Hewins, who apparently was an expert on bookplates, interestingly enough. In 1895, he wrote a bookplate bibliography which was featured in Dexter Allen's "American Book-Plates: A Guide to their Study." The bookplate was designed by J. W. Spenceley, an artist noted for his heraldic bookplates, in 1897. And in the book, on page 7, was found a well-preserved pressed four-leaf clover, possibly found by Hewins himself (included). A rare edition in any case, this copy has some interesting history!


Condition: Title on spine somewhat chipped away. Completely intact and whole, spine in great condition. Small chips on front, corners, and black paint-like smear on back. Minor foxing in the body of the work, significant foxing on inside of covers. Some penciling on inside cover. Rough edges to side and bottom edges of paper.

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